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We all live in Guernsey, we have different jobs and are at different times of our lives, but we ALL share a love of freedom and are committed to ending slavery forever by volunteering our time. Happily we bring different skills and talents to the work!

Like all registered charitable trusts on Guernsey we have some roles which are 'official'.
These are:

Jon Honour, Vicky Pratt, Kevin Bales CMG.


Our Volunteer Team:

Chair: Jenette Bales

Co-ordinator: Christina Ferbrache

Treasurer: Stephanie Hamel

Committee members: Chara-Leigh Campbell, Kay Davidson, Marike Visagie

Volunteers: Lisa Griffin, Emily Jaques, Jen Merritt, Sarah Williams,  Shane Le Poidevin, Charlie Cleal



 If you would like to know more about our forthcoming events and/or would be interested in supporting the organisation and getting involved, please contact Jenette directly at
We will do our best to match whatever you feel able to offer to the charity’s needs.

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